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Category: white goods insurance

Introduction to white good insurance

Do you understand white goods insurance? What goods cover the range of large household items?  Different appliances including fridge, freezer, washing machines and cookers are termed as white good products. There are some other common examples may include dryers, water heaters and air conditioners. The white goods may also be termed as electrical white goods.

Traditionally the larger kitchen appliances that are coated white and electrical are white goods. In these days white goods come in different colors and designs. They are still called white goods.

White goods insurance

There are different warranties and insurance plans for white goods. A white good cover provides the individual households protection against breakdown and repairs. The covered products may be individual household items or group of products that are related to white goods. It aims at filling the gap between manufacturer’s warranty and standard home insurance plan.

So far as white goods insurance is concerned, it covers the breakdown and protects your white goods against repairs. You get a peace of mind you do not need to pay for call outs and repair bills for your household appliances that you are using on daily base. If you browse the internet you will find different white goods insurance providers with different terms and durations.

Manufacturer warranty

When you buy an electrical white goods, the manufacturer offer a warranty that may be for one year or two. The warranty period starts when you purchase the product. Moreover, there are extended warranty plans for different durations.  This extended warranty period starts when manufacturer warranty comes to an end. It is evidently the white goods insurance cover. If the manufacturer does not have extended warranty plan, you may go for a bespoke white goods insurance cover. There are different types of domestic appliance insurance policies and plans. These plans cover a variety of kitchen white goods or electrical white goods products. You may opt for a plan that covers your appliances and suits your needs and requirements.

Buying white goods insurance online

When you are searching for white goods insurance online, you need to be specific. You may use the terms like white goods. Yu will come across a number of white good insurance providers that may offer you different options. In this way you may find a good insurance cover for your white good products.